Beyond the industry leading Webby Awards and WebAwards, there are other prominent Web awards available for individuals and organizations within the industry. While many of these awards have a strong focus on advertising and design, they are still highly distinguished honors any internet novice hopes to receive.

Presented by the American Advertising Federation, The American Advertising Awards (formerly the Addy Awards) are noted as the advertising industry’s foremost and most symbolic rivalry. The American Advertising Awards attract thousands of entries each year. The Award was first instituted in an effort to identify and prize the originality and imagination of the talent amongst the advertising industry. These Awards are conducted annually and are awarded amid several levels ranging all the way from the national level to the local level. Beyond recognizing excellence and creativity, the American Advertising Awards strive to boost promotion through programs such as public service, internships, sponsorship, advertising education, and consumer awareness.

Another noteworthy and honorary award qualified recipients may receive is the CLIO Award. Honoring creativity in its countless forms, the Clio Award recognized an individual’s imagination, innovative spirit, and inspiration they exude to others. The CLIOs make it a point to recognize prominent individuals and organizations for their creativity in business. Second to the American Advertising Awards, the CLIOs recognize the work by agencies and talent across the advertising, sports, fashion, music, entertainment, and healthcare industries. Judged by industry moguls, this highly esteemed award is craved for by many. Through the stringent and rigorous submission process, the CLIOs are highly regarded amid three levels – Gold, Silver and Bronze. As the Gold is the most prestigious honor an individual can receive, an alarmingly low percentage of nominees will ever receive the Gold CLIO Award. This is an excellent conceptual realization as to just how prestigious and coveted the award is.

Internationally renowned, the D&AD Awards honor the best of the best from around the world and celebrating the finest of creative work. Founded in 1962 and headquartered in London, England, D&AD have worked to inspire creative thinkers through celebrating their successes. A D&AD award has global recognition many in the industry aspire to receive. The D&AD awards honor creative talent for Website Design, Innovation, Writing, Sound Design, Interface and Navigation, and Photography. The awards are broken into two separate statures – the Yellow Pencil and the highly desirable black Pencil. The “who’s who” amongst the creative industry aspire to receive such recognition.

Other Notable Web Awards