Second to the Webby Awards are the WebAwards. For nearly 17 years, the Web Marketing Association champions the WebAwards which honors those who set high standards for website design and content. Founded in 1997, the Web Marketing Association was originated to help formalize increased expectations for internet marketing and development across the Web. With one essential goal in mind, the Web Marketing Association is staffed by talented WebAwardsand qualified individuals across the advertising and marketing spectrum. Qualifications for these volunteers include seasoned professions within the internet marketing, online advertising, public relations and website design world. All volunteers have crafted a vast interest in cultivating the value of virtual advertising, online marketing, and website promotion that currently exists.

As an esteemed constituent in the Web and creative industry, the Web Marketing Association has introduced the lengthiest consecutive yearly website award competition. The WebAwards are steadfast to identifying the top websites amongst nearly 100 diverse industries. These Awards not only provide recognition to people and organizations responsible for the development of the web content but also provides a marketing opportunity for potential and current clients.